Local Activities In The Fall River Valley

Fly Fishing On Fall River


Fly Fishing On Fall River, Fall River Mills, CA. Photo Courtesy bethefly.com

With over 18 miles of river originating out of the lava bed springs found along the western perimeter of the Fall River Valley, the rainbow trout fishing on Fall River ranks as some of the very best found in the west. All of the river runs through private property, but there is one public access spot provided by Cal Trout. The Cal Trout Access on Island Road offers a chance to possibly catch a rainbow right from the dock, but you will have better luck by launching a battery-powered motorized pram or small boat at the Call Trout Access. You can then easily power up stream and then float back down, stopping to fish for rising rainbows in the AM hours. For the best, most productive experience, we highly recommend hiring a local guide to get the most out of your fishing experience on Fall River.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park


Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

There is nothing like this place! It’s remote, quiet. The sense of solitude and the vastness of Big Lake and the views of Mt. Shasta to the west will make a visit to this State Park most memorable. We think the ancient Ahjumawi Indian fish traps are astonishing. You might find it interesting to know they are still used today by members of the Ahjumawi Tribe. And to make this destination even more attractive, the only way to get here is by boat. We like to use kayaks and paddle them across Big Lake from the “Rat Farm”(the green arrow indicates boat access) access out of McArthur, CA. There’s picnic sites, camping sites, hiking trails. Definitely stop by Ja-shee Creek found at the western side of the park, near Horr Pond. A must see destination! The birding is top notch too! Kayak rentals available here!

Fort Crook Museum

Fall River Round Barn

The “Round Barn” at the Fort Crook Museum. Fall River Mills, CA.

Admission? It’s free! Visitors will be amazed by collections of historical items ranging from period clothing to civil war era weaponry. The duck decoy collection is amazing! The old Dentist Chair is small, but folks were not very big 120 years ago. There’s some artwork that depicts the falls where Fall River joined the Pit River before Pacific Gas & Electric diverted the river through Saddle Mountain into the Pit #1 Power House for the purpose of hydro-electric power generation. The authentic dug out canoe originally created by the Ahjumawi Indians is stunning. Did you know Fort Crook was named after the infamous General George Crook? Find out more at the museum. Open from May through November.


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